A dull, grey, polluted environment is not a happy one for human beings or for wildlife. Evidence overwhelmingly supports the case for greening up our urban spaces because plant life alters the chemistry of the air we breathe. In fact plants help to breathe life (oxygen) into our streets whilst absorbing carbon dioxide and other airborne pollutants. Natural colours also affect the human mind – some calm whilst others energise. Plants and flowers undoubtedly make people smile and feel more relaxed and that affects their behaviour in positive ways whilst in built-up environments which tend to be otherwise dull, grey, hard and angular.

The RHS campaign Greening Grey Britain is all about bringing nature into urban landscapes and we are committed subscribers. We are gradually greening up Altrincham, developing projects around the town and building our green asset base year on year. With limited funding, we are forced to use imagination and ingenuity along with dogged persistence! The result is an ever-increasing variety of horticultural projects that create interest and please passers-by. Some even contribute to education and help to combat social isolation. And they all attract wildlife which helps to support our delicately balanced ecosystem and provide pleasure to nature observers.

The work we do has a positive effect on visitors whose perception of Altrincham has changed markedly since 2014. The town is now seen in a far more positive light because it is being looked after, improved and loved. Perhaps you have seen one of our ‘Altrincham’s Blooming Gorgeous’ slogans on a reusable shopping bag? Residents are now proud of their town again and the level of community involvement has increased substantially. That too has had a positive effect on the lives of volunteers, people who have felt satisfaction at giving something back to their community.

So there you have it. Altrincham In Bloom is making the town healthier by having a positive effect on the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of all who visit. Take a look at our projects and then make a point of visiting them so you too can enjoy the beauty of nature.