Our triple Gold award-winning Stamford Quarter Shopping Centre continues to do us proud by maintaining an all-year-round display of colourful planters, raised beds and hanging baskets.


The Old Roebuck Pub is a quadruple Gold award winner. The front of the pub and the beer garden at the rear always look great and we hold our committee meetings there once a fortnight.  

Landlords Gareth and Iain are very supportive of Altrincham In Bloom and do everything they can to help.

The Orange Tree Pub has hanging baskets and window boxes at the front but it also played a part in improving The Old Market Place at the front.  As you can see here, the mature tree which is bedecked with fairy lights is now under-planted all year round for an extra splash of colour.

It can be challenging to get businesses to focus on what’s outside their doors as well as what’s within. However, we are lucky to have a number of companies who make a great deal of effort and help to lead by example.  Some businesses are allowed to use hanging baskets, others have to make do with pots and planters outside which are often brought in at night.  Some have also joined our Community Planter Scheme of 22 planters.


Altrincham Market uses road blocks on market days to ensure the safety of pedestrians so Market Operations have cleverly been planting up the old metal bins they inherited in 2014.

This year they have planted lots of vegetables to reflect the market’s fresh food offering and created a Scarecrow Trail – each scarecrow having been inspired by a famous artist. Punters have to guess who all the scarecrows have been inspired by.

They also operate a very popular recycling centre where members of the public can help themselves to trader’s waste such as useful plastic crates and catering-sized aluminium cans.