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A view from the edge: Retrospective 1

Hello? Is this thing on?

<tap, tap>

<puff, puff>


OK, great. Can you hear me at the back?

I’m Graham, I’m a photographer and I’ve been documenting the activities and people involved in Altrincham in Bloom since January. For the future, I hope to be writing regularly in this spot, documenting the behind-the scenes activities that help to make Altrincham the attractive place to visit that it has rapidly become.

(Mind you, I’m pretty sure that whatever I think now that I’m going to be doing in the future will change frequently as I grow into it, so stay tuned and what will happen, will happen.)

I thought I’d kick things off with a few posts making up a bit of a pictorial retrospective of the year that Altrincham in Bloom first competed in the national finals. These pictures are personal favourites that I’ve picked with my photographer’s hat on; there’s no other significance to my choice of images than that…

Let’s start at the beginning…


Kick-off presentation at Altrincham Town Hall

gd-20170118-altyinbloom-3720   gd-20170118-altyinbloom-3734


Getting ready…




A nice meal…




… and digging in earnest.


Next up: spring and early summer — digging, planting, digging and more planting…




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